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Ever wonder what its like to fly through an asteroid field? Good, because in Asteroids 6D you fly through an asteroid field shooting asteroids to increase your score until you run out of lives with full 6DoF.  There is also a Split-screen dogfight game mode to fight it out with your best friend either win by strait up defeating each other or by having the highest score when you die. (Now with Gravity/ Fusion Bombs and a wrapped map!) To play download and unzip.

-Player 1 uses the keyboard and mouse.

Default Controls: q, e, w, s, a, d, left shift, space bar, mouse, left click, right click, r, scroll wheel click, and escape.

-Player 2 uses a separate controller (tested on Xbox360 controller).

Default Controls: right/left analog, triggers, and bumpers, A, B, X, Y, and start button.

-Both Player Control layouts can be changed in the unity window menu.

-Selecting Classic Controls in the  game menu allows you to only move forward/backward and change the direction your looking for an experience more similar to the original game .

*Made during PTBO Game Jam 03 2017 and edited during the following week.

Developed by: Matthew Kingdon


Asteroids 6D_Windows.zip 20 MB
Asteroids 6D_Mac.app.zip 24 MB
Asteroids 6D windows build and unity files 84 MB

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